A Match Made in Ambler

A Match Made in Ambler Capital Campaign

In our A Match Made in Ambler Capital Campaign your donations are matched dollar for dollar by our Board of Directors. That’s right! Our dedicated Board will match all donations up to $30,000! That means, with your help, we can raise $60,000!

For this campaign we are focusing on two very specific areas to improve the experience for our two most important groups of people: our Actors and our Audiences.

What’s On the Menu?

  • Brand New Updated LED lights!
    • The better to see us with!
      • More energy efficient, reduces our carbon footprint.
      • Creates infinitely less heat which makes for comfy audience and comfy actors.
      • Gives our designers more creative possibilities so you can see the action on stage even better.
  • Upgraded HVAC System!
    • Leave that coat in the lobby and be comfortable!
      • More energy efficient.
      • We’re shooting for The Three Bears approach-not too hot, not too cold, just right for the actors on stage and, more importantly, for you in the audience.

How Can You Help? We’re So Glad You Asked!

  • Make your Capital Campaign donation now! This is different from your annual or recurring donation, and goes directly into these specific Capital Campaign Projects.
  • Ask your employer if they have a matching donation program and sign up for that!
  • Spread the word to all of your friends and colleagues! Post on social media, tell your friends, put it in sky writing, anything you can do is much appreciated!

Be a Part of the Perfect Match!

Act II and You!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Capital Campaign?

A Capital Campaign raises money for specific projects, oftentimes facility renovations and upgrades.

What makes a Capital Campaign donation different from my regular annual donation?

A Capital Campaign donation is for specific projects outlined in the Capital Campaign goals. Your regular annual donation is separate and goes towards Act II’s annual general operating expenses. Our Capital Campaign fundraising is in addition to our regular annual fundraising.

Do I need to make two different donations?

It depends:

  • You can make two donations: one for your regular contribution, and one for the Capital Campaign OR
  • You can make a single donation just to the Capital Campaign OR
  • You can make a single donation just to Act II’s General Operating Expenses as you have done in the past OR
  • You can split your regular annual donation between Capital Campaign and General Operating Expenses

How do I make sure my donation goes to the right fund?

  • If you make your donation online you can add a note about which fund you want to support.
  • If you use one of our donation envelopes, you can add a note specifying which fund you want to support.
  • If you make your donation by phone, you simply tell our Box Office staff which fund you’d like to support.