2024-2025 Season

An Act of God

August 6 - September 1, 2024

Tony Braithwaite takes on his most challenging role yet: The Almighty Himself in a divinely outrageous comedy!

The Outsider

October 8 - November 3, 2024

A Political Farce! Ned Newly might be the worst candidate to ever run for public office…which just might make him the perfect candidate!

Grace and Glorie

January 28 - February 23, 2025

Grace and Glorie are a mismatched pair and yet they will provide new perspective for one another in a performance guaranteed to inspire laughter, tears, and hope.

Dial M For Murder

March 25 - April 19, 2025

Tony Wendice thinks he has concocted the scheme to commit the perfect murder…until it all goes wrong in this diabolical new take on the classic thriller.