“Can I have $17.50?”

Remember that scene from It’s A Wonderful Life when, on the way to their globetrotting honeymoon, George and Mary return to the Bailey Building & Loan, and use their travel money to help their neighbors get through the next day, week, month, and beyond?

There’s no second thought. Mary just raises her hand and says “How much do you need?” And then kind, lovely, adorable Miss Davis selflessly asks, “Can I have $17.50?”

People working together to support each other; sharing their own resources to not only get their neighbors through, but help them realize the next possible wonderful thing.

All of the wonderful things we’ve done at Act II have been possible because of the support of generous neighbors, and audience members, and Miss Davis’ who support the Playhouse year after year. We are endlessly grateful for and inspired by the shared effort to support the musicals, cabarets, plays, classes, special events, and next wonderful things that your donations make possible. 

Whether it’s $17.50, or $1750.00, every dollar helps. Here are some great and easy ways to give to Act II.


Multiply your generosity! Ask if your employer will match your donation.


Designate Act II Playhouse as your non-profit of choice and with every purchase, the Amazon Smile Program will make a donation on your behalf!

Three easy steps:

  1. Go to smile.amazon.com (bookmark this location as your new Amazon login page)
  2. Sign-in as you always do
  3. Select Act II Playhouse as your charity of choice! Then, every time you shop using the Smile link, your gift will be automatic!

Make giving a breeze by setting up a recurring donation – because sometimes, a little bit at a time makes life easier.

$10 a month is less than two WAWA hoagies!

$20 a month is less than your monthly Starbucks budget! 

$50 a month is less than that gift card your cousin is going to put in a drawer and forget about!  

Page banner image Tony Braithwaite in This Wonderful Life. Photo by Bill D'Agostino.