Sunday, Feb. 4 at 11 am


A musical jamboree for kids!

Accompanying herself on guitar, Allie will sing your favorite kid and family friendly songs, as well as some of her light-hearted, kid-inspired originals. An affordable treat for the family!




An Interview with Allie-Oops!

Act II: Tell us a little about your background and how you got into music?
Allison Tartalia (Allie): I started playing piano around age 5 and did mostly classical piano for 12 years. I subsequently rebelled and went to college for theater, but made my way back to music writing pop songs, touring and later composing for film and theater. In terms of working with children, about 15 years ago, a friend brought her six-month-old over and I handed him a tambourine. The pure glee he exhibited as he figured out how to make noise with it was pretty contagious. I ended up teaching a toddler music program and later running that program in NY for seven years. Getting children excited about music-making is such a joy, and I never get tired of it.

Act II: How would you describe your music to those who don't know you?
Allie: I work on such a wide-range of projects, that it's a little hard to pinpoint. I guess I fall under the great-big umbrella of singer-songwriter. Though my main instrument is piano, I tend to play guitar and ukulele when I perform for kids because it allows me to be a lot more interactive with them. I also write music for grown-ups under the moniker Allison's Invention, and that music is much more keyboard focused, sort of orchestral pop.

Act II: Who or what inspires you as an artist?
Allie: Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes it's just a funny piece of conversation I overhear or some feeling that I'm trying to work through. In terms of writing family music, my students and now my own daughter provide tons of inspiration. I have a a growing list of things I never thought I'd hear myself say that really deserve to live in a song one day. Things like, "No sweetie, you can't eat while standing on your head."

Act II: When did you know you wanted to be a professional musician?
Allie: I almost always saw myself working in music and/or theater, though the roles I saw myself in kept changing for awhile. I finally got really serious about being a performing songwriter a couple of years after college.

Act II: What is next for you?
Allie: More writing and recording. I'd like to make an Allie-Oops! record of family music and am also working on a new record for my singer-songwriter project, Allison's Invention.

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