by Mark St. Germain
     directed by Dan O'Neil
     starring Drucie McDaniel

Jan. 22-Feb. 17, 2019

The incredible story of Dr. Ruth, the famous sex therapist and pop culture icon. Discover her surprising life story, from fleeing the Nazis as a child to serving as a sniper in Jerusalem, and then struggling to find success as a single mother in America. This acclaimed one-woman show stars actress Drucie McDaniel (seen in the films Twelve Monkeys and Girl, Interrupted).

"A WINNER ... A MUST-SEE" -Ambler Gazette [READ MORE]
"Entertaining and illuminating. I was left pondering the strength of the human spirit" -DelcoCultureVulture [READ MORE]
"A charming, funny evening of discovery." -Times Square Chronicles [READ MORE]

"Drucie McDaniel shines in the role of Dr. Ruth." -Broad Street Review [READ MORE]
"I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than Drucie McDaniel as Dr. Ruth. She has the look, the accent, and the charm that made Westheimer illustrious." -Cultural Critic [READ MORE]

Dr. Ruth photo courtesy of Amazon Publishing

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