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It’s time to pull up your chairs for a comedy cabaret – there’s something for everyone! From Tony Braithwaite, “The show is inspired by the best traditions of British sketch comedy, legendary duos, song parodies including the famous Tom Lehrer rapid-fire tune, “The Elements” and Stanley Holloway’s iconic poem, “The Lion and Albert.” Of course, we couldn’t resist paying homage to classic American musicals and we imagine the future for a pandemic-inspired musical. We think audiences deserve a good laugh this spring!” 

Created by Tony Braithwaite and the musical comedy A-team of Joe Mallon (Greater Tuna), Dan Matarazzo (Electile Dysfunction: Hindsight is 2020), and Gianna Yanelli (Mean Girls, original Broadway cast) to bring on the frenetic and the fun.

Check out a fun chat with Gianna Yanelli!

Starring: Tony Braithwaite, Joe Mallon, Dan Matarazzo, and Gianna Yanelli