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Do you like having choices and saving? Try one of our Flex Bundles! Choose a 5-Ticket or 4-Ticket Flex Bundle that you can apply however you want. Use them all at once to watch one show or spread them out – they are your reservations to any mainstage show throughout the season. Purchase a Flex Bundle now to save on shows as they become available! 

A great gift idea!

INSIDER SECRET! For an all-virtual season, select the 5-Ticket or 4-Ticket WEEKDAY bundle to SAVE the most!


Comedy Tonight! On-sale soon, streaming starts March 23.

Heeere’s Tony! On-sale soon, streaming starts May 18.

Electile Dysfunction, Hindsight is 2020 – Streaming now!

Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You? – Streaming now!

A Very Act II Playhouse Holiday Special – Streaming now!


Save over single ticket prices by using the Flex Bundle option!


What is the difference between a Subscription and a Flex Bundle?

Great question! Subscribers enjoy discounted tickets and overall best value. They know in advance which shows they want to see, and choose their exact shows and dates when they subscribe. Subscribers and Flex Ticket buyers may convert any ticket to a virtual show. To purchase a subscription that includes virtual shows, call Audience Services at 215.654.0200 for personal service. 

Flex Bundles are still priced less than single tickets; offer the opportunity to pick your shows and dates later; and are available in 5-ticket and 4-ticket Bundles. Virtual shows are guaranteed through the end date.  

Subscription and Flex Bundle packages both offer exchange-fee protection! You only pay the difference if you exchange to a higher-priced live performance. 

When do I need to decide on my shows and dates? 

Flex Bundle tickets may be applied to any show, at any time. 

Are there exchange fees if I change my mind after I reserve a virtual seat? 

Great news! Flex Bundles include fee-protection on exchanges. You can change your mind and exchange out of one show to a future show. Once the show closes, you can no longer exchange a ticket that was not cancelled in advance. 

When do my Flex Bundle tickets expire?

Flex Bundle tickets may be used for any show throughout the season and expire June 27, 2021. 

Could I wait and buy individual tickets to shows? 

Yes, and we would love to help you with that option! Single tickets go on sale after Subscribers ae seated and once a virtual show goes “live.” To purchase single tickets click on the BUY TICKETS button, or give us a call 215.654.0200

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