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Not sure of your plans? Need flexibility? Try one of our NEW Flex Bundles! For a limited time and in limited quantity, we are offering 5-Ticket and 4-Ticket Flex Bundles in two categories – weekday or weekend. Use them all at once or spread them out – they are your reserved* tickets to any mainstage show throughout the season. 

Save over single ticket prices and never miss a show again!


What is the difference between a Subscription and a Flex Bundle?

Great question! Subscribers enjoy discounted tickets and overall best value. They know in advance which shows they want to see, and choose their exact shows and dates when they subscribe. They also enjoy the exclusive benefit of discounts on additional tickets and events, and when we announce each new season, Subscribers get early notifications and additional Early Bird savings. Subscribers also have the exclusive option of choosing a Preview Subscription. 

Flex Bundles are still priced less than single tickets; offer the opportunity to pick your shows and dates later; and are available in 5-ticket and 4-ticket Bundles. You choose a weekday or weekend Bundle now (Previews are not included), and when you know your schedule you choose a corresponding weekday or weekend performance. Flex Bundles guarantee tickets* to a show provided you reserve by the release date; and can be used all together for one show or they can be spread out across several shows. 

Subscription and Flex Bundle packages both offer exchange-fee protection! You only pay the difference if you exchange to a higher-priced performance. 

How will I see a show that could be sold-out? 

To guarantee seating at each Bundle level, we are offering a limited quantity of Flex Bundles and are holding your seats in a specially created pool of reserved tickets. These tickets are not on sale to the general public until their release date. 

*Does the seating guarantee expire? When do I need to decide on my shows and dates? 

Flex Bundle tickets may be applied to any show, at any time. Not ready to choose which show you want to see?  We have you covered. Thirty days before each show opens you will receive an email from our Audience Services team reminding you of the open window for reservations. You’ll have one week to reserve, after which we must release the tickets we held in the ticket pool. At that point, we can no longer guarantee a seat to that show. You can still select any seat that is available or save your tickets for any other show in the season. If you select a performance that is higher priced than your original Flex Bundle (e.g. weekday to weekend), you only pay the difference. 

Are there exchange fees if I change my mind after I reserve a seat, or if a seat isn’t available? 

Great news! Flex Bundles include fee-protection on exchanges. You can change your mind and exchange out of one show to a future show. However, to be fair to the cast and to ensure a full house, you must call us in advance to cancel so we can offer that seat to another patron. Once the show closes, you can no longer exchange a ticket that was a no-show, or was not cancelled in advance. 

Am I guaranteed my exact choice of seat location or date? 

The best way to reserve an exact seat on an exact date is to become a Subscriber! Flex Bundles offer a limited-time guarantee of a seat at your weekday or weekend level, and you will be seated based on availability – first come, first seated. We’ll send you a reminder email so you don’t forget! 

When do my Flex Bundle tickets expire?

Flex Bundle tickets may be used for any show throughout the season and expire June 27, 2021. 

Could I wait and buy individual tickets to shows? 

Yes, and we would love to help you with that option! Single tickets go on sale after Subscribers are seated. Our intimate theatre holds 134 seats and many of our shows sell out to our loyal Subscribers. In addition, our new Flex Bundle patrons will have tickets held in reserve. To purchase single tickets click on the BUY TICKETS button, or give us a call 215.654.0200. 

Page image courtesy of Emma Matthews, Unsplash