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Updated November 24, 2020

Dear Act II Friends and Family,

Based on the most current information and reopening guidelines from Governor Wolf that include mandatory state-wide practices for reduced capacity and safety measures, we are sharing an update about the performance schedule of our new 2020-21 season.   

Electile Dysfunction, Hindsight is 2020 and Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You? are now streaming exclusively through the Act II Virtual Theatre! A Very Act II Playhouse Holiday Special begins streaming on Dec. 1. 

Doubt and This Wonderful Life 

Our scheduled performances of Doubt and This Wonderful Life have been replaced with two exciting shows – the streaming via the Act II Virtual Theatre of the sold-out show Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You? and A Very Act II Playhouse Holiday Special – an Act II Playhouse Premiere.

If you have tickets to Doubt or This Wonderful Life, we have moved them over to Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You?, and A Very Act II Playhouse Holiday Special.

Subscribers will receive their Virtual Tickets by email from the Box Office the week of their scheduled performance and will enjoy the benefit of having one week to see the show! Your Virtual Ticket email will include the 2 easy steps you’ll take to see the show.

As a special thank-you, subscribers who have been moved to, or purchase, A Very Act II Playhouse Holiday Special will have any day throughout the entire month of December to watch the show – not just the week of what would have been their live performance. Call us for details, 215.654.0200.

If Doubt and/or This Wonderful Life are part of your subscription package(s) and you would prefer to make another arrangement, please give us a call. It’s best to leave your message at our 215.654.0200 Box Office number so that we may return your call from our remote locations, or you may email us your instructions [email protected]

Single tickets are now on-sale for Electile Dysfunction, Hindsight is 2020 and Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You? 


As we move forward here in Ambler, we are exploring every opportunity to continue to bring you the shows that you love and that we love to bring to the stage. For now, that means that we are “going virtual” with Electile Dysfunction, Hindsight is 2020. The show is being done in its entirety as a virtual production and it is being filmed live from the Playhouse. It will be streamed to audiences via a new platform we are calling the ACT II Virtual Theatre that we are working on bringing you. We are very excited to learn, along with you, what this could mean as we also plan on when we can once again all enjoy the live experience – in-person at the Playhouse – that is at the heart of our theatre family.

All of us at the Playhouse continue to monitor information available from Ambler Borough, Montgomery County, state and federal officials, and public health organizations, and may need to adapt or make other changes as new information becomes available. 

We are believers in ‘the show must go on.’ We know that many in our audience have made extensive plans (sometimes for months in advance) to come to the theatre – often as an event with family or friends – and we don’t want to disappoint you. We are planning carefully and will continue to keep you informed. 

We wish you well and look forward to seeing you at the Playhouse soon. Please, continue to be safe and stay in touch to tell us how you are doing.